• Our farmhouse at "Il Giardino dei Semplici"
  • ... with artistic finishings
  • Nestled in the hills of rural Tuscany
  • Our free-range chickens
  • Our vegetables
  • Our organic restaurant
  • ...early cultivation of organic greens
  • Finishings in the "Arte Povera" style, typical of rural Tuscany
  • Apartments where you can experience unforgettable moments...
  • ...moments of peace and relaxation while enjoying our Tuscan views

Organic vegetable garden

Our farming operations are organic and follow methods of cultivation and animal rearing that involve the use of natural substances only, with no use of synthetic chemicals (fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides).

On our farm, we raise free-range chickens to produce organic eggs, and we promote a type of farming that helps to preserve the environment.

We produce organic olive oil, garden produce and eggs on a farm with zero impact on the environment, set in a beautiful rural hill landscape.