• Our farmhouse at "Il Giardino dei Semplici"
  • ... with artistic finishings
  • Nestled in the hills of rural Tuscany
  • Our free-range chickens
  • Our vegetables
  • Our organic restaurant
  • ...early cultivation of organic greens
  • Finishings in the "Arte Povera" style, typical of rural Tuscany
  • Apartments where you can experience unforgettable moments...
  • ...moments of peace and relaxation while enjoying our Tuscan views

Organic restaurant

At our "osteria", or restaurant, "Il Giardino dei Semplici", we offer organic, wholemeal, natural, vegan and vegetarian food.

Knowing what you eat is important, whatever you eat, regardless of whether you are vegan, vegetarian or you eat animal protein. It's also important to try and take advantage of local resources to reduce your carbon footprint.

We serve bio-energetic foods, with a nice selection, to help you lead a balanced and healthy life.

We organise cooking classes and themed evenings to promote natural cooking and to exchange ideas and opinions.

We also offer short courses on creative cuisine


Menus from €12 and €19 per person.

The cuisine is organic, very simple and natural, almost completely vegetarian, with our abundance of fruits and vegetables, cheese and some local salami, in an attractive setting with a large natural wood-fired oven.

Typical menu:

  • Home-made bread with cheese, local meats and our delicious preserves
  • Large salads with our speciality dressings
  • Pasta, rice, lasagne
  • Sweet and savoury cakes
  • Sorbets made from fruits, vegetables and edible flowers of all varieties, inspired by the colours and flavours of the seasons

We use organic pasta that will satisfy any palate and we also try to accommodate food intolerances.

Other specialities include our "Torta di Ceci" cake, made with our chickpea flour, of the highest quality and with a unique taste, as well as pizza and flatbreads in our wood-fired oven.

 Our bread and bakery products are distributed not only to guests, but also to individual consumers, school groups, CSA groups, etc.


The restaurant accepts reservations for Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings