• Our farmhouse at "Il Giardino dei Semplici"
  • ... with artistic finishings
  • Nestled in the hills of rural Tuscany
  • Our free-range chickens
  • Our vegetables
  • Our organic restaurant
  • ...early cultivation of organic greens
  • Finishings in the "Arte Povera" style, typical of rural Tuscany
  • Apartments where you can experience unforgettable moments...
  • ...moments of peace and relaxation while enjoying our Tuscan views

Farm School

Our farm offers rehabilitative activities for children and young people, who are given the chance to be actively involved in the work done on the farm, offering an opportunity to experience the beauty of nature, learn about animals and, in particular, appreciate the traditions of rural life.

Specifically, we offer to all preschools and early primary schools:

  • Instruction that promotes knowledge about and respect for the environment
  • Instruction that instils appreciation for the ecosystem and knowledge about the cultures typical to the region
  • Encouraging a spirit of observation and curiosity about the natural environment
  • The chance to experience positive emotions from direct contact with nature and animals
  • Teaching how to respect nature

Activities and workshops offered:

  • "Our Vegetables" to learn about vegetables
  • "Our Animals" to learn about the various species
  • "Building a Vegetable Garden" teaching basic rules for building a vegetable garden
  • "Getting to Know the Vineyard and the vine" walking through the vineyard
  • "From Flower to Fruit" discover the different varieties of fruit
  • "From Flour to Bread" using a large wood-fired oven to make bread

Our "farm school" is a great learning experience where participants see, touch, smell and discover rural traditions and the ever-surprising secrets of nature.